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Since Carol Shelby killed Enzo Ferrari back in the 60’s the Cobra has become an American racing icon.  Its un fortunate that so many of the reproductions these days are designed to be such low end quick cars sacrificing the subtle curves and accents that made the cobra what it is. Where almost all cobra molds today are only 4-5 pieces to allow for a simple mold and quick turn out or simply cutting out the lines to make the fiber glass work in that area. Our Body comes from a 10 piece mold. Making sure that the Shelby Cobra remains a Cobra and a half slumped in shell of it’s former glory to save a buck.

So The Cobra was a brilliant car of its time but that was then and here in the 21st century there have been many new advances in driving technology and the C5 / C6 corvettes give us so much of this but at a percentage of the cost.

So with that being said we would like to introduce the Heretic Cobra using the modern technology of its old rival the Corvette, the cobra is back and ready to cut loose once again and dominate the field with classic racing style and modern racing technology.

Total minus wiring and interior
Body with Steel and Hinges
Chassis LS1 6 Speed Suspension and Brakes

Fiberglass layout
The body is in white jell coat, with 2 layers of chopped glass, 4 additional layers of hand laid mat, and extra reinforcement of core mat under the fenders so if when your driving and pick up a rock it will not cause the paint on the other side to echo off the body.

Please Notice the Following Differences From the Run of the Mill Bodies
1) The fender wells all have a fold back, not a raw fiber glass edge. This causes the fiberglass to fold the opposite direction and makes the fenders 10X more rigid.
2) The inner cock pit also has rolls in the front and back like the original car not just flat cut offs that were not stock on the cobra.
3) The lips on all of the front openings have a good 3/4” to 1 1/4 “ lip not cut offs flush to the front.
4) Fender width in the front and back is 1 inch little wider that stock on both sides to allow for bigger meat ideal for an actual race car.
5) This is the straightest fiber glass body I have ever seen in the fiberglass industry I can tell you all day long but words cannot describe the level of this body please look at all of the photos and I hope you can get a basic idea.

Disassembled body
This is a completely dissembled Body only the fiberglass components not put together


Main Body
Trunk lid
Inner trunk
Hood scoop
Inner fenders
Two bucket seats
Dash board
Glove box components
Two piece tunnel
And Air scoops


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